Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First of many?

I have been reading some fantastic science blogs lately and decided to try and start my own. I am a PhD candidate studying Sedimentary Geology. I plan to post on geologic topics I find interesting or relevant to my research (deserts).

The purpose of my blog is twofold. 1) To communicate science to the public and 2) To study for my PhD Comps (more on those later). While the second reason may seem selfish, I think it is an efficient use of my time. I get to study topics I am interested in, communicate these ideas to others (which is the best way to learn), and hopefully generate discussion among peers. While some posts will truely be written for the general public, others may require some background in the subject under discussion. I'll try to explain complex concepts as simple as possible and answer questions if there is some confusion.

My first science post will follow this one. I just thought I should get some sort of mission statement out there - to post on geology and study for comps. I think its a good goal for this blog. I'd be interested in what other people think about it.


BrianR said...


another seddie...this is important for making sure the thermo/geo-chronocrats don't take over

good to see another blog...take a look at this, it might be a good way to get your blog visible right away

Geology.com said...

Great to hear! I hope that you enjoy blogging and best of luck!

olelog said...

Welcome on board


Miguel Vera said...

Congratulations on your new blog. I may be just a foreign geology student but I enjoy reading all of you guys. Makes me want to finish my career already :)

Good luck. Cheers.