Monday, August 25, 2008


Just a quick post since I am in frenzied-writing mode and in family-is-in-town-for-MY-wedding mode...

Hypotheses post of a Venn diagram reminded me of another image I use in lecture to try and demonstrate connections. I give a lecture on using SEM and XRD in paleontology to a paleo techniques class every other year. I frequently use this diagram in the lecture to demonstrate some of the connections between geology and paleontology.

Unfortunately, because of time, I have to skim over the diagram and can't really get the students to sink their teeth into how much all of this is really connected. I've thought about rearranging the lecture to follow one connection to another and to keep it going, but it just doesn't work well with the topic I am asked to teach. But, I also know that these students will take an entire class on Taphonomy so they will develop the connections between geology and paleontology much more in that class.

If anyone wants to see the SEM and XRD in paleo PTT, just let me know and I will pass it along.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rocks and Minerals Blog

I came across the Rocks and Minerals blog the other day, but I have no idea who runs the site. There were also some other sites linked to it (listed below). They look like dictionaries or encyclopedias being developed. I might offer to help add defintions if it is a serious effort, but I don't know who owns the sites or if it is affiliated with an institution. Anyone else have any info about these blogs?
Linked to this blog were the following related sites:
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